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PCM Analytics

Insights to Drive Change

Optimize pharmacy data with one powerful tool. 




Gain visibility into plan spend at the pharmacy, physician, participant, and individual claim level. 




Pinpoint key pricing discrepancies and identify and implement solutions that most impact plan spend.




Choose and manage optional in-house programs and third-party partnerships inside an easy-to-use dashboard.




Combine our powerful analytics with program tracking to monitor and adjust solutions as needed.

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Actionable Insights:

Identify pain points unique to your claims data, such as new high-dollar claims which could affect budget planning or low patient adherence which could lead to adverse health events.

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Claims Management:

Actively engage with your claims data through interactive charts and detailed drill-downs that show exactly where your money is going.

Deep Dive Analysis:

Sort and filter your data any way you choose in real-time, and get a deeper look at the metrics that matter most to your plan.

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Market Check:

Dynamically evaluate your PBM contract and structure against current rates. 

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If your claims could talk,

what would they say?

 PCM Analytics provides options to help you drive pharmacy cost containment. With customized, unbiased analysis and option supplemental programs, we help you regain control of your pharmacy spend.

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