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Proactive brokers and consultants use PCM tools. 

Managing multiple clients, vendors, and plans can drain resources. PCM simplifies pharmacy benefit management so you can grow your business.

Simplified management. More growth.

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All in one dashboard.

  • Aggregate data, across vendors.

  • Roll up to see your entire BOB.

  • Dig down to take client-specific action.

  • Provide actionable solutions. 

  • Run presale claims analyses.  


Engage clients with a click.

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Quickly identify plan deficiencies and red flags.

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Provide cost containment and engagement options.

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Validate solutions with comprehensive reporting. 

Visibility for existing and future clients.

Quick Drug Search 

​Easily answer client questions.

  • Plan vs. participant spend

  • High-dollar drugs

  • Offsetting costs

Contract Validation

Confirm guarantees are met.

  • Dispensing fees

  • Rebates

  • Pass-through plans

Streamlined Reporting

Prepare standardized reports.

  • Pre-sale and client reports

  • Pharmacy action reports

  • Savings reports

Client-Centered Plan Options

Built to Suit 

With our comprehensive toolbox, you can help your clients build a customized pharmacy strategy focused on: 

  • Understanding spend

  • Containing costs

  • Validating contracts

  • Limiting disruption

  • Engaging participants

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Putting It All Together | 35 seconds


Analytics + Tools + Engagement

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  • Comprehensive reporting

  • Quick drug search

  • Budget planning




  • Data View 

  • Data Management 

  • Cost Containment

  • Clinical Management



  • Flexible enrollment

  • Proactive participant outreach

  • Limited participant disruption

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Something missing?

We're in the options business. If you don't see a tool or feature that could help you or your clients, let us know. 

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