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All Things Pharmacy
September 18, 2019
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Focus: News
Be in the know


  • States are taking action to rein in pharmacy costs.

  • Prevention and primary care are key to reducing the cost of chronic conditions.

  • FDA approval of a new drug to treat a rare blood cancer brings new treatment option.

  • Antifungal cream recalled by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals.


Focus: Analytics
Harness pharmacy data to make better decisions


  • Can your broker, benefits department or PBM tell you how your pharmacy dollars are being spent? Are they able to identify savings opportunities? Unless you can confidently answer both questions with detailed metrics and actionable solutions, you need data analytics. When applied to pharmacy claims, data analytics gathers and categorizes your data to breakdown spend and savings opportunities. Detailed analysis should provide a summary and drill-down view of participants, pharmacies, physicians, claims, and drugs so you can get true visibility to optimize pharmacy benefit management.

  • For over a decade, the PCM team of industry experts has been analyzing pharmacy claims data to develop innovative, long-term solutions to the complex problems of tracking where your money is going and how to save more of it. With pharmacy analytics, your big data is turned into small data so you can make better decisions and harness your pharmacy spend.


Focus: Savings
Patient adherence

  • Recovery from disease and effective management of chronic conditions are often dependent on strict observance of medication regimens. Unfortunately, many patients do not adhere to prescription directions, which accounts for:

    • Up to 50% of treatment failures

    • Around 125,000 death annually

    • 25% of hospitalizations each year

    • $13.35 billion in hospitalization costs

    • Hundreds of billions in other medical costs

        While there is no single solution to patient non-adherence, it is important to monitor plan participants’ adherence. Knowing if                prescriptions are filled properly can help plan sponsors encourage adherence, which improves participant health and prevents            unnecessary plan spend.

Focus: Health
Fighting childhood obesity at home

One in five kids in America have obesity, which puts them at risk for a myriad of health problems. The good news is there are several ways to help fight childhood obesity, and many start at home. NPR suggests six parent-led tactics that can help children develop  more positive body image, create a healthier lifestyle, and prevent childhood obesity.

  1. Don't tease - and try to put a stop to others' teasing

  2. Promote positive self-image, instead of focusing on weight

  3. Don't put your child on a diet

  4. Choose, as a family, to eat healthfully year-round

  5. Focus on behaviors, not body size

  6. Model healthy behavior of your own

Many kids who are overweight want to improve their diet and get active, but parents need to lead the way. As a family focusing on encouraging language and positive habits can help your children choose to be healthy.


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