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All Things Pharmacy
January 2021
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Focus: Industry News
Be in the Know

  • Wholesale drug prices are shown to impact payer spend. 

  • Drug manufacturers raise prices on over 300 drugs. 

  • Unaffordability of drugs a consequence of longstanding policy. 

  • Technology is being used to improve medication adherence. 

  • Metformin recall expanded. 

  • Get the latest CDC update on COVID-19.


Focus: Pharmacy Analytics
Drug Rebate Transparency
Would plan sponsors and patients, two of the more vulnerable stakeholders, be best served by increased rebate transparency rather than rebate elimination?


Focus: Stay Healthy


In the United States, January has been designated National Blood Donor month since 1970. The American Red Cross initially promoted blood donation due to the decrease in donations during the winter months. This year, as convalescent plasma donations are vital to treating COVID-19, it may be an excellent time to consider donating blood. In addition to helping save lives, blood donation has several health benefits for donors:

    1. Free blood test. During the donation process, donors are screened for irregularities, which can help prevent or treat certain conditions. 

    2. Calorie burn. Donors burn approximately 650 calories during the donation process; this is the equivalent of spin class. 

    3. Reduce harmful stores of iron. Donating blood reduces the oxidation of iron in the body, reducing the risk of heart attack, the likelihood of cancerous tumor growth, and the development of liver cirrhosis. 

    4. Mini medical exam. Before donating, a short exam checks donor vitals and screens for several serious diseases. 

Check your eligibility, get prescreened, and schedule appointments to donate blood by visiting


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