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March 2021 | Provided by PCM

Three Plan Metrics Every Employer Should Be Monitoring

 "There is data in the claims file that plan sponsors, employers may not even know are in the plan," Kenneth Wener, COO, Prescription Care Management explains. "This data may be costing the plan thousands of dollars. Understanding how much money is on the table gives employers the option to act and save."

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Stay Healthy

A year ago, clinics and hospitals shut their doors as experts warned of increased COVID-19 exposure at the doctor's office. Now, with a better understanding of the virus and how to protect health care workers and patients, it's time to schedule those appointments.


Dr. Kristen Kendrivk of Healthline explains, "Emerging evidence tells us that the health threats from postponing some tests and exams — including those for cancer and heart disease, but other crucial appointments too — outweigh the risk of running into the coronavirus at a doctor's visit, even if the virus is prevalent in your community."


Of primary importance are cancer screenings, chronic disease care, mental health management, sexual health maintenance, and evaluation of new, red-flag symptoms, not necessarily related to COVID-19. So call your provider, put on your mask, and stay healthy. For more information about receiving care during COVID-19, click here.

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