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All Things Pharmacy

August 13, 2019


Focus: News

  • Be in the Know

  • Understanding drug benefits and side effects may be more important than knowing the price.

  • A balance needs to be struck between drug prices and the cost of innovation.

  • A new gene test could help nuclear medications treat cancer.

  • AI and cloud technology are changing pharmaceutical research and development.

  • Vesicare has come off patent and is now available as a generic.

  • A National Drug Code, or NDC, is an eleven-digit number assigned to every prescription drug identifying the manufacturer, product, and package size. A drug may be assigned more than one unique NDC, with a different sales price attached to each NDC. With multiple NDCs available for each drug, PBMs, health plans, and insurers can choose which NDCs they will cover. 


Focus: Drug Savings
Why you should engage doctors to save on drugs-

Drug prices are bankrupting employers. This isn’t new. A lack of transparency, fuzzy math, and back-door deals have overwhelmed  the pharmacy industry, and responsible parties are too busy pointing fingers to find solutions. However, finding pharmacy savings may be simpler than many people think. Savings solutions need to start at the source: the doctor. After all, doctors write the prescriptions.


Focus: Analytics
Monitoring NDC exclusions-

  1. NDCs gives them more control over drug costs. However, this control may not always benefit the plan sponsor or employer. When a particularly expensive NDC slips through and is covered at the pharmacy counter, the plan and participant pay more.

  2. Monitoring NDC pricing and keeping an updated NDC exclusion list is vital to maintaining a healthy PCM contract and maximizing your pharmacy budget. When you know which NDCs are covered and if there are cheaper alternatives, you can cut drug spend.


Focus: Health
Protect against disease with vaccines-
Cases of several serious infectious diseases like polio and diphtheria are becoming increasingly rare in the United States due to childhood vaccinations. However, vaccines are not just for children. Staying current on immunizations as an adult boosts your body's defenses. Vaccines also work with your immune system to lower your chance of getting certain common diseases, such as:
- The hepatitis B vaccine lowers your risk of liver cancer.
- The HPV vaccine lowers your risk of cervical cancer.
- The flu vaccine lowers your risk of flu related complications like heart attack.
- Vaccines are a safe way to protect your health. 


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