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All Things Pharmacy
Aufust 12, 2020
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To our clients, partners, team members and friends:
We wanted to reach out and provide the latest news, some pharmacy-related tips, and words of encouragement as we all navigate this unprecedented time. COVID-19 is affecting every element of our lives, but in unity, we will persevere. Stay well. Stay safe. And don't forget to wash your hands! Thank you, from all of us at PCM.

Focus: Idustry News
Be in the Know


  • Pharmacists can now administer tests for COVID-19.

  • More Americans are shopping abroad to curb drug costs.

  • Pharma execs give brief on COVID-19 vaccine progress.

  • Employers can help support their employees mental health.

  • Report: Lower than expected impact of COVID-19 on employer-sponsored plans.


Focus: Pharmacy Analytics
Pharamacy Analytics: How to Lead with Data

A recent study of over 1,000 executives showed that 62% of companies still rely heavily on spreadsheets. 67% of those executives are uncomfortable accessing and using data from available technology. While advanced analytical resources are available, the majority of executives are not using analytical tools or encouraging application in their organization. 

In the pharmacy space, industry leaders are embracing data analytics to distance themselves from the competition and provide top-level benefits to their clients and members. By utilizing a comprehensive data visualization tool, brokers, plan sponsors, and key stakeholders make more informed plan decisions based on the actionable insights inherent to pharmacy analytics.


Focus: Staying Healthy
Returning to School: Keeping kids healthy


​Back to school season is here and many kids are still returning from summer break to a very different school experience. While most experts believe that sending kids back to school is best for emotional and social health, new safety precautions may add to first day of school stress.

Below are some tips to help ease the transition and keep your kids healthy as you head back to school.

  1. Monitor for illness- Monitoring for symptoms of illness, cold, flu, or COVID-19, is especially important this year. If your child shows any symptoms, keep them home from school and contact your pediatrician. Explain to your child that by staying home when sick they are keeping themselves and their friends healthy.

  2. Teach and model good hygiene- Practice or role-play different scenarios to help;p your kids understand how to keep themselves healthy. ​Talk to your kids about good hygiene including: 

    1. Not sharing food, cups, or utensils

    2. Not touching their face

    3. Proper mask use

  3. Ask and answer questions- Engage your kids in conversations to make sure they understand back-to-school plans. Answer any questions they have without judgement, and allow your kids to express their emotions and talk about their concerns.

  4. Support their mental health- Children all respond to stress differently. Take time to respond to reactions with empathy and support. Provide age-appropriate facts and solutions to their fears. Build time into regular routines for children to relax and play. 



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