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All Things Pharmacy
October 14, 2020
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Focus: Industry News
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  • Drug rebates may drive up prescription costs.

  • Strategies for containing pharmacy plan spend.

  • Another COVID-19 vaccine trial begins.

  • Why prescription drug prices continue to rise.

  • Acella Pharmaceuticals, LLC. voluntarily recalls thyroid medications.


Focus: Pharmacy Analytics
Specialty Drugs: What Are They and What Controls Costs?

The cost of prescription medications is rising, but one sub-set of drugs may be disproportionately eating away at financial resources. Specialty drugs costs an average or $79,000 per year. What are specialty drugs, and what (or who) controls their high price tags?

Focus: Mentally healthy
A Daily Check-In Can Help Manage Stress
Managing the anxiety surrounding Covid-19 and returning to a new "normal" when everything feels so different can be daunting. Many people have suffered traumatic events during the pandemic - loss of jobs, illness, disruption of schedule, social isolation - leading to genuine feelings of stress, emotional fatigue, and depression. Handling these feelings is essential. As Dr. Kimberly Yonkers, MD, explained in a recent Yale Medical article, "Even if you are feeling fine in general, self-monitoring is essential. People need
to check their emotional health every day by asking, 'How am I feeling? How is my mood? How is my energy? What can I do about it?'"
Starting by accepting and experiencing even your worst emotions is critical. Sitting with your discomfort, fear, anxiety, stress, sadness, or exhaustion is vital to allow your brain to process how you feel.

If you find that your anxiety or fears interrupt your daily life and negative feelings last for several
days or longer, know that there are people to help. You never have to fight alone. Reach out to
your doctor, counselor, religious leader, or friend, or call the hotline number below:
Call SAMHSA Disaster Distress Hotline: 1-800-985-5990
Text: TalkWithUs to 66746


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