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All Things Pharmacy
June 24, 2020
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To our clients, partners, team members and friends:
We wanted to reach out and provide the latest news, some pharmacy-related tips, and words of encouragement as we all navigate this unprecedented time. COVID-19 is affecting every element of our lives, but in unity, we will persevere. Stay well. Stay safe. And don't forget to wash your hands! Thank you, from all of us at PCM.


Focus: COVID-19
Be in the Know


  • Traveling this summer? Here is advice to keep you safe.

  • Quality control may be lacking in urgency of pandemic.

  • The first treatment for peanut allergies receives FDA approval.

  • Shortage of injectable opioids blamed on coronavirus outbreak.

  • Concern for rising drug prices as a result of the pandemic grows.

  • These laws can help you navigate a safe return to work.


Focus: Treatment
COVID-19 Treatment: Where Are We?

As some states lift stay-at-home orders amid growing numbers of COVID-19 cases, scientists
worldwide are working on potential treatments and vaccines. The complexity of drug development and manufacturing makes it unlikely that a new therapy specific to coronavirus will be developed soon. However, many existing medications used to treat
other conditions are being touted as potential remedies for COVID-19.


Focus: Unity
We're All in This Together


  • Celebrating birthdays even during coronavirus.

  • How New Yorkers used their stoops and sidewalks to connect during isolation.

  • Backyard graduation ceremony for star student.

  • 9 ways to strengthen your community during the pandemic.


Focus: Mental health
Returning to work: Prioritizing mental health

From hand washing to mask wearing and split shifts, employers are implementing prevention measures to help employees and patrons remain healthy as businesses open back up. While physical infection prevention is important, employees should also take time to focus on their mental well-being. These simple techniques can be used every day to ease mental burden:
    1. Take five deep, slow breaths five times per day. Try breathing when you wash your hands.
    2. Get at least seven hours of sleep per night to boost your immune system and brain.
    3. Purposefully practice mindfulness at least once per day.
    4. Eat a healthful diet and avoid too much alcohol.
    5. Create a plan with your family to ease into the back-to-work transition.
Coming back to work in the midst of a pandemic can be unpredictable. With different working conditions, new sanitation protocols, and increased public exposure, you may feel increased stress or anxiety. The typical workday does not look the same as it did six months ago, but by understanding the safety precautions that are in place and practicing good mental health, the
new way of work may not seem so bad.


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