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All Things Pharmacy
December 18, 2019
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In this month's issue I wanted to share a letter from our CFO recapping our year in pharmacy. I have enjoyed sharing our newsletter with you and look forward to 2020.
Wishing you a happy holiday!

Dear Erin,
2019 was quite the year. For our clients it started with the frustration of rising drug prices but ended with some much-needed pharmacy cheer. The implementation of our new pharmacy analytics tool has put many of our clients in control of their pharmacy spend. From school districts to health systems our partners have a greater understanding of their claims, spend, and participants to make more informed benefit decisions. We couldn’t be more grateful to work alongside such forwardthinking,
industrious partners.
This year has been one of growth not only for our clients and team but for the entire industry. Increased focus has been directed at lowering costs to make prescription drugs more accessible for patients and pharmacy benefits more economical for organizations. Conversations by industry leaders have resulted in the development of innovative, out-of-the-box solutions that are affecting
real change.
This holiday season we are honored to be a part of a pharmacy community dedicated to answering difficult questions, creating pioneering solutions, and focusing on improved outcomes. We are humbled to continue our tireless work providing the highest level of care, service, and savings for our clients, partners, and friends into the New Year.

Many blessings and good health to you and yours this season.
Garret D’Antoni, CFO
Prescription Care Management


Focus: News
Be in the Know


  • FDA announces new investigation into NDMA in ranitadine

  • Prescription drug prices drop for the first time in 45 years

  • Cost of providing health benefits expected to rise 5% next year

  • Popular flu medication to be released over the counter


Focus: Reader favorites
2019 Top Blogs

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Focus: Health
Fighting the winter blues

The holiday season inevitably brings family and friends together around delicious treats. This
season also bring seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a type of depression caused by the
changing seasons. Symptoms of SAD usually peak during the winter months, but there are ways
to use all of that holiday food to help ease SAD.
     1. Eat more lean protein to help battle fatigue
     2. Incorporate omega-3 fatty acids to boost your mood
     3. Battle stress by eating berries
     4. Limit sugar to balance your emotions
     5. Add folic acid to fight the blues
     6. Fit in B-12 to increase energy
     7. Up Vitamin D to absorb sunshine (literally)
     8. Snack on dark chocolate to feel happier
     9. Prepare turkey to relax
     10. Grab a banana to reduce anxiety

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