Prescription Care Core

Pharmacy Intelligence + Cost Containment

Turnkey pharmacy intelligence and cost containment programs that harness data analytics to enhance current benefits. 

Simplify plan management with options that fit your plan needs.

Pharmacy Intelligence

Cost Containment

PCM Analytics

Act on insights and recommendations to

optimize pharmacy benefits. 

Market Check

Confirm you have the best PBM design and pricing structure

for your plan and participants.

Pharmacy Savings

Engage physicians to switch participants from high-cost drugs to low-cost alternatives.

Data View

Compile and organize your data for simple plan management and reporting.

PCM Performance

Compare actual plan spend

with your PBM contract to

start impactful conversations.

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We work for you.

Minimal Disruption

Prescription Care Core touches less than 10% of your population.

  • No plan changes

  • Limited disruption

  • Secure file transfers

Anytime Implementation

Prescription Care Core can be implemented in days not weeks.

  • On or off anniversary

  • Flexible payment options

  • No additional paperwork

Actionable Insights

Prescription Care Core lowers total plan spend.

  • Whole-plan savings

  • Direct physician engagement

  • Custom reporting

The Secret Formula

Our dedicated Pharmacy Engagement Team

makes navigating your pharmacy care simple.

  • Licensed pharmacists and certified pharmacy techs

  • Personalized pharmacy education

  • White-glove, client-centric focus

  • Proactive participant outreach 

  • Seamless guidance to lower-cost medications

  • Increased engagement in selected programs

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