Pharmacy intelligence for

customized solutions.

Aggregate, review, and manage your pharmacy plan in one place.

Turnkey Solutions

Real, measurable results.

PCM Analytics

  • Identify critical insights

  • Implement action steps

  • Monitor solution success

  • Create conversations

PCM Savings

  • Engage physicians

  • Switch to low-cost drugs

  • No plan changes

  • Limit member disruption

Data View

  • Easy-to-use dashboard

  • Consolidated BOB data

  • Compare plan types

  • Consistent reporting

Precision PGx

  • Encourage informed decisions

  • Reduce adverse drug reactions

  • Improve participant health

  • Cut pharmacy and medical costs

Rx Tourism

  • Concierge treatment

  • Limit high-cost expense

  • Locked-in rates

  • 5-star facility

Pharmacy Engagement Team

Our dedicated Pharmacy Engagement Team

makes navigating your pharmacy care simple.

  • Licensed pharmacists and certified pharmacy techs

  • Personalized pharmacy education

  • Limited participant disruption

  • White-glove, client-centric focus

  • Proactive outreach on cost-savings opportunities

  • Seamless guidance to lower-cost medication

  • Increased engagement in selected programs

Who We Serve

Brokers and Consultants

Self-Insured Companies

Third Party Administrators

Managed Care Organizations

Our Commitment

For over ten years, PCM has served as a hub for strategic pharmacy solutions. With unbiased visibility into complex claims, we deliver proven results through a combination of turnkey programs and third-party partnerships.

We work for you.

Our focus is to help you take action on key savings opportunities:

  • NDC exclusion recommendations

  • Pharmacy network rate review

  • Navigation to lower sales price

  • Switches from high-cost drugs to low-cost drugs

  • PBM performance guarantee and review

  • Utilization of lower cost drugs

  • PGx testing for health and savings

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