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How can we serve you?

For over 10 years, Prescription Care Management has been solving complex pharmacy problems with care, service, and savings.

Our journey started by asking two foundational questions:

  1. Do organizations know where their pharmacy dollars are going?

  2. Can they accurately interpret their claims data to find out?


A decade ago, the answer was ‘no’. So PCM began building proprietary processes and technology from the ground up with the goal of helping our clients and colleagues receive the necessary information and support to make highly informed plan decisions.

Our unique team of clinical experts, software engineers, and industry leaders provides clients with unbiased problem-solving that leads to impactful decisions and innovative, customized cost containment solutions.

Years of growth, perseverance, and dedication have shaped PCM into an industry leader in pharmacy intelligence. Guided by the individual needs of our clients and their participants, our underlying motivation will always remain the same: How can we serve you?

How can PCM help you?

PCM provides the support, information, and technology to help you make more informed plan decisions. Let's talk about how PCM can help you implement the right solutions for your plan.

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