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Precision PGx

Encouraging more informed medication decisions.

What is PGx?

PGx is a simple oral swab test that may help doctors in selecting

medications for their patients based on drug-gene interaction.



PCM identifies participants who may benefit from PGx testing. Participants receive a simple oral swab test in the mail to complete from the comfort of home.



Tests are processed and the results are sent directly to the participant. Results are secure and protected under HIPAA guidelines.



The participant can discuss test results with a medical professional via telemedicine, or develop an optimal treatment plan with their primary care provider. 

Benefits of Precision PGx

Based on drug-gene interaction, PGx identifies a participant's metabolic rate which encourages doctors and patients to make informed decisions. 

  • Limit drug management visits

  • Alleviate side effects

  • Eliminate poly-pharmacy

  • Save lives

  • Reduce adverse drug reactions

  • Limit post-surgery complications

  • Enhance drug efficacy

  • Save lives

  • Reduce participant absenteeism

  • Increase participant productivity

  • Enhance prescription drugs

  • Save lives

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Would PGx work for my group?

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PGx can improve participant health and save money for any group. Click below to learn:

  • The what, how, and why of PGx

  • How PGx promotes participant health and cost savings

  • Real world results of PGx testing

Promote health. Save money.

Precision's comprehensive solution offers:

  • Customized coverage options

  • A one-time test with a one-time fee

  • Expanding panels

  • Complete participant privacy

  • Reduced pharmacy costs and group drug spend

Add Precision PGx to your benefit package today.

Save money. Save lives.

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