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Optimize your benefit plan.

Get the information and tools you need to make impactful plan decisions and support your participants.

Understand Plan Data

​PCM's analytics platform combines your pharmacy and medical data to uncover insights buried in your claims.

  • Plan vs. participant spend

  • Allowed amounts

  • Provider, procedure, and pharmacy costs

  • Participant adherence.

PCM: Medical Analytics just a click away | 28 secs

PCM: Pharmacy Analytics in action | 48 secs 

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Achieve Plan Sustainability

Choose from powerful features, tools, and engagement to build a benefit strategy that fits plan goals with our a la carte model. 

PCM Plan Sponsors Built-In Features Plan Sustainability Paper



  • Comprehensive reporting

  • Quick drug search

  • Budget planning

  • Interact with your broker

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  • Data View 

  • Data Management 

  • Cost Containment

  • Clinical Management

PCM Plan Sponsors White-Glove Engagement Handshake Plan Sustainability
  • Flexible enrollment

  • Proactive participant outreach

  • Limited disruption



Improve Participant Health​

With more plan transparency, you can better support the financial and clinical needs of your participants.

  • Drug price lookup

  • Eligibility review

  • Fraud, waste, and abuse 

  • Utilization insights

  • Engagement recommendations

PCM Plan Sponsors Improve Participant Health Computer
PCM Plan Sponsors Improve Participant Health Laptop

Let's talk. 

Our team supports you in building a simplified, customizable medical and pharmacy benefit strategy that fits your goals and budget. 

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