Utilization management is not a new concept; it has been used for years by the medical and pharmaceutical industries to help evaluate and monitor data related to patient services. However, the new economic climate has forced many organizations to use utilization management techniques to assess the need for certain drugs.

Leading the way is Prescription Care Management (PCM) with its new propriety Alternative Prescription System (A.P.S). The company is introducing a new concept of “prescription management” for companies in need of savings.

The Alternative Prescription System (A.P.S) is an automated care management system that selects therapeutic alternative drugs which are lower in overall cost and just as effective. When making the choice, PCM considers the effectiveness of the drug therapies as well as their over all cost to patients and the plan. A.P.S has the ability to inform doctors and members directly, while PCM employs a number of leading physicians and pharmacists to analyze the choices carefully.

For companies that already incorporate utilization management services but haven’t noticed any savings, Prescription Care Management’s A.P.S. can be integrated right into a existing Pharmacy Plan. The benefits this can have for an organization are numerous. Most organizations end up paying more for drugs instead of less. PBMs have been known to recommend drugs from manufacturers that give them rebates or that are high margin drugs. 

There is no clear way for companies to tell if they are saving because these costs often aren’t audited or verified from elsewhere. PCM can help companies understand the costs.

In fact PCM promotes and supports financial transparency. PCM’s Alternative Prescription System has saved millions of dollars for its clients; but it has also championed PBM accountability while improving overall quality of care.

PCM is not a Pharmacy Benefit Management company, and it states that fact quite clearly on its website. Instead, think of it as a review and monitoring organization for your existing drug costs. Not only has PCM brought about significant pharmacy savings but also improved patient care while at the same time making it more economical!

PCM is the missing link between health care providers and companies. Working together they help to make better healthcare decisions that benefit everyone.


PCM has created an Alternative Prescription System based on utilization management techniques. The system has produced large pharmacy savings for PCM’s clients. The A.P.S also creates better accountability for PBMs by providing auditing services and reports on companies drug spend.

About Prescription Care Management:

Prescription Care Management is a leading independent provider of prescription management services working with self-funded groups, coalitions and MCO’s in a variety of verticals. PCM provides an additional layer of prescription savings through the “Alternative Prescription System” (A.P.S.). Their ability to identify potential efficiencies and cost-saving opportunities while providing savings to clients is their key to success. A.P.S. identifies prescription alternatives and makes the most cost-effective choice based on clinical effectiveness and overall cost to the patient and the plan. The PCM business model also provides full disclosure and transparency assisting companies in managing their PBM.

Prescription Care Management and their proprietary Alternative Prescription System (A.P.S.) has managed millions of lives and saved companies and plan members millions of dollars. With proven results, high capacity systems technology and a dedicated team – you will not find a better prescription savings program.

Published: Mar 4, 2021