If That’s Your Case Then Prescription Care Management is Just What the Doctor Ordered!

Many organizations offer strong benefit plans to employees to attract and retain them, but with the current financial crisis looming, managing the costs of these benefits is becoming increasingly difficult. As the consumer demand for drugs and medications is rising, so is their cost. Add to that the American populations growing reliance on drug therapies and the overall medical inflation and you have a potentially disastrous financial situation at your hands.

Many companies have memberships and plans with various Pharmacy Benefit Management programs to combat this issue. But the ideal solution in this case seems to be the Alternative Prescription System (A.P.S) offered by Prescription Care Management.

The A.P.S is one of a kind, proprietary system that works in conjunction with your existing Pharmacy Plan or as a stand-alone system to advise cheaper alternatives to expensive medications. It promises to help control prescription drug costs for companies while increasing the level of care provided to members. Options such as therapeutic alternatives, target generic alternatives, extended supply pharmacy, or pill splitting is offered and may enable members to save money and increase quality of care. PCM has delivered response rates and results that are significantly higher than traditional health plan cost-saving strategies.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to balance their healthcare expenses and existing income streams in the current economic environment. PCM employs the concept of utilization management to make sure that each of their clients receives the correct prescription at the right time, in the precise amount and exactly for as long as they need. As part of the service offering, the ability to act as an independent audit arm for the company and review the transactions by the PBM is also a valuable part of the program.

Prescription Care Management’s program makes sure that the final decision regarding the drug to be used always rests with the member. To assist them in making alternative drug recommendations, PCM employs a large team of pharmacists to assess the nature of each case individually and make the decisions about the best ways to maintain the patients’ quality of care. This innovative solution includes services that proactively support health plan initiatives to promote changes relating to compliance, formulary management, therapeutic alternatives and disease state management for members.

Prescription Care Management’s largest differentiator is that they are a no-risk operation. Once a company employs PCM to review their prescriptions, the savings are quick and noticeable and best of all, they are constant. Once the system has analyzed a drug request, the resulting suggestions of alternative drug therapies are reviewed by pharmacists and translated to the physician as well as the member to make sure that all parties involved are satisfied with the decision. The approach is both member and physician friendly. Encouraging physicians and patients to discuss options and initiate positive changes allows members to save money and health plans to reduce costs. The A.P.S promises major pharmacy cost-savings and using it effectively can manage medicine –associated costs.

Offering health and drug benefits is now becoming very uneconomical for American companies. PCM is trying to change that with its innovative Alternative Prescription System that encourages pharmacy savings even with a company’s existing Pharmacy Plan in place. Prescription Care Management is NOT a PBM. The savings approach to drug prescription management is both member and physician friendly.

About Prescription Care Management:

Prescription Care Management is a leading independent provider of prescription management services working with self-funded groups, coalitions and MCO’s in a variety of verticals. PCM provides an additional layer of prescription savings through the “Alternative Prescription System” (A.P.S.). Their ability to identify potential efficiencies and cost-saving opportunities while providing savings to clients is their key to success. A.P.S. identifies prescription alternatives and makes the most cost-effective choice based on clinical effectiveness and overall cost to the patient and the plan. The PCM business model also provides full disclosure and transparency assisting companies in managing their PBM.

Prescription Care Management and their proprietary Alternative Prescription System (A.P.S.) has managed millions of lives and saved companies and plan members millions of dollars. With proven results, high capacity systems technology and a dedicated team – you will not find a better prescription savings program.

Published: March 4, 2021