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Rebate Management

Transparent plan ownership.

As advertised, drug rebates should provide savings on high-cost drugs, but they may be driving up

costs, resulting in:

  • An inflexible formulary

  • Opaque lowest net-cost metrics

  • Inaccessible pricing details

  • Automated prior-auth processes

  • Limited cost-containment integrations 


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Rebate Management by PCM | 25 secs

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Create a client-specific formulary.

PCM Plan Flexibility Rebate Management
  • Control formulary changes

  • Manage prior-auth protocols

  • Improve clinical outcomes

PCM Comprehensive Reporting Rebate Management
  • Generate drug-level reports

  • Identify trends

  • Employ lowest net-cost strategies

Brand or Generic

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after rebates 


net savings

with Generic


per script savings 

with Generic

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Start optimizing rebates

Rebate Management uses your existing claims data to analyze plan rebates and highlight true net-cost at the drug level. This turnkey program:

  • Identifies all eligible drug rebates

  • Allows for easy cost-containment integration

  • Provides in-depth drug-level reporting

  • Focuses on improved clinical outcomes

Start optimizing your rebates to improve plan efficacy and manage costs with PCM.

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