As optional, value-added point programs, PCM Recommendations support plan cost containment and clinical support strategies.

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With PCM Pharmacy Savings, plans contain costs by engaging physicians to switch participants from high-cost to low-cost drugs.

  • Lowest cost switches
  • Specialty identification

  • Proactive participant engagement

  • Validated PMPM savings

  • Full-suite reporting

The Pharmacy Savings Process

PCM does the work. Your plan sees measurable, long-term pharmacy savings.

Identify low-cost Rx alternatives.

Engage physicians.

Gain participant approval.

Facilitate Rx fill.

Participant Engagement

PCM’s team of Licensed pharmacists and certified pharmacy techs make navigating pharmacy care simple:

  • Personalized pharmacy education
  • Proactive outreach on savings opportunities
  • Lower out-of-pocket costs
  • Expert guidance for improved clinical outcomes

Plan Savings

PCM Pharmacy Savings helps plan sponsors and participants lower prescription drug costs at the source:

  • No plan changes required
  • Quick implementation
  • Limited HR workload
  • Minimal participant disruption
  • Lower patient copays

See where your money is going.

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Cost Containment


Engage participants and providers to act on high-cost drugs. Our dedicated support team is here to do the heavy lifting.

  • Flexible implementation
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Measurable PMPM savings
  • Interactive management platform
  • Consolidated claims

Alternate Funding

  • No plan changes
  • $0 participant co-pay
  • High case approval rates
  • Lower specialty spend

International Rx

  • No medication changes
  • Direct to participant shipping
  • Automatic Rx identification
  • Low participant disruption

Rx Tourism

  • 5-star facilities
  • Full-service concierge
  • Locked-in rates
  • Up to 70% savings

Build a supplemental pharmacy and medical benefit program to optimize your benefits strategy.

  • A la carte model
  • Flexible service levels
  • Customized integrations
  • In-house engagement
  • Program validation

Built to Suit

With customized program integrations, PCM helps you build a plan-specific program.

Clinical Review


Targeted solutions focused on balancing clinical outcomes and costs to prioritize participant health.

  • Patient-focused care
  • Reduced medical costs

  • More pharmacy savings

  • Improved treatment outcomes

  • Participant engagement

Specialty Review

Treatment of complex conditions can be costly. Specialty Review allows plans to manage financial costs and improve health outcomes one person at a time.

  • Model-based care management
  • Personalized specialty drug treatment
  • Reduced out-of-pocket spend

What is Specialty Review?

Utilizing real-world evidence, Specialty Review is a model-based care management solution that drives personalized specialty treatment. This, in turn, provides your participants with:

Individualized Care Planning

Specialty plans tailored to
meet participant needs.

Hassle-Free Implementation

Easy, anytime implementation with limited participant disruption.

Precision PGx

Based on drug-gene interaction, PGx identifies a participant’s metabolic rate which encourages doctors and patients to make informed decisions, resulting in:

  • Reduced medical costs
  • Improved participant health
  • Expanding panels
  • Complete participant privacy
  • Enhanced drug efficacy

The PGx Process

Reduce medical costs and enhance drug efficacy with a simple oral swab.

PCM identifies participants who may benefit from PGx testing. Participants receive a simple oral swab to complete at home.

Tests are processed and the results send directly to the participant using secure HIPAA guidelines

Participants can discuss results with a medical professional via telemedicine or with their primary care provider.

Would PGx work for my group?

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