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Dynamic performance audit and market check, in half the time and at significantly less cost.

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Market Check


Driven by PCM’s interactive platform Market Check simplifies claims repricing and PBM contracting to dynamically benchmark:

  • Effective rates
  • Current market rates

  • Custom contract build-outs

  • Rebates

  • Cost share

Evaluate Contracts With a Click

See best rates with PCM’s Interactive Platform.

Market Check Build Contracts

 Build-out custom contract details.

Market Check Contract Comparison

Compare multiple PBMs and structures.

Market Check Contract Guarantees

Evaluate the impact of contract guarantees.

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Contract Transparency

Avoid the headache of RFP or annual review with dynamic repricing. 

  • Employee cost share
  • Administrative fees
  • Discount percentages
  • Rebate amounts 
  • Utilization

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Ensure contracted agreements are being met with an automated plan Performance review, validating:

  • Co-pay tiers
  • Contracted rebates
  • Guaranteed dispensing fees
  • AWP discounts
  • Specialty drugs
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Start Impactful Conversations

Compare actual pharmacy data with contracted agreements to start conversations that impact plan and participant health.

RFP Performance Errors 1

Identify anomalies, highlight efficiencies, confirm guarantees.

RFP Performance Resolve

Resolve issues directly with your PBM.

RFP Performance Guarantees

Build contracts that fit plan needs.

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