Streamline Annual Benefit Renewals

Say goodbye to time-consuming

contract evaluation and validation.

  • Optimize your workflow
  • Save valuable time and resources
  • Focus on building your BOB

Designed to Empower Brokers


Simplified Contract Validation

Automate contract validation and reduce the time and effort you spend on renewal with PCM’s advanced data monitoring.


Effortless Contract Comparison

Evaluate multiple pharmacy contracts with one tool, comparing terms, rates, and rebates side-by-side with PCM’s platform.


Comprehensive Renewal Reports

Deliver comprehensive renewal reports confirming contract effectiveness with PCM’s dynamic report builder.

Monitor pharmacy plan data and secure the best contracts for your clients, all with a few clicks. 

Renewal Made Simple

Don’t wait for next year.

  • Secure file transfer
  • One-click contract validation
  • Dynamic contract comparison
  • Full-suite reporting
  • Fully scalable
PCM dynamic pharmacy and medical plan report builder.

We’ll Do the Heavy Lifting

Renewals don’t need to take all of your resources. Simplify PBM contract management so you can confidently procure better programs in half the time. 



Pre-load multiple PBM contracts or build custom contracts for easy comparison.

Claims Reprice

Claim Reprice

Reprice plan pay, co-pay, rebates, discounts, and fees to find the best contract for your client.

Market check

Market Check

Fulfill your annual market check provision to align contract numbers with market rates.

Rate negotiations

Rate Negotiations

Negotiate better rates with independent end-to-end contract visibility into contract rates.

Contract review

Data Monitoring

Monitor pharmacy contract data to build a program that supports plan-specific goals.



Compare multiple pharmacy contracts, pre-built and custom, to stay competitive in the market.

Financial eval

Financial Eval

Identify and monitor key financial metrics to ensure contracted guarantees are met.

Plan Validation

Plan Validation

Report on pharmacy contract rates, fees, spend, and more with a dynamic report builder.

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