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PCM Toolbox

As optional, value-added point programs, our tools are here if you need them.  

Built to Suit

Only pick the tools that work for your plan. 



Don't see a program you need? Let us know.  



Anytime implementation. On or off anniversary. 

Data Analytics

Fully scalable metrics that provide increased plan visibility, highlighting plan efficiencies, pinpointing issues, and interpreting patterns in your claims data. 

Data View Tools

Monitor dispensing, drug, and rebate guarantees.

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Data Management Tools

Optimize rebates and validate contracts.

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Plan Engagement

Supplemental programs can impact spend by giving plan sponsors, participants, and providers opportunities to act on high-cost drugs. However, not all programs fit every plan. With PCM, you pick the tools that work for your strategy. 

Cost Containment Tools

Engage participants and providers with minimal disruption.

Clinical Management Tools

Prioritize participant health.

Find the right fit.

Our dedicated support team is here to do the heavy lifting. 

  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Easy-to-use, web-based dashboard
  • Validated solutions
  • Consolidated plan management
  • Measurable savings