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Pharmacy plans 

are not one size

fits all.

PCM provides the visibility, insights, and tools to build a pharmacy strategy that meets your plan needs. 
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The PCM Process

Let's talk about your plan and how PCM can help.

Receive a complimentary claims analysis. 

Review plan trends and insights with our experts.

Pick the tools that enhance your pharmacy strategy.

Simplify plan management. | 30 seconds

Putting data to work for you.

Data without action is not helpful. With our web-based platform, actionable plan insights are a click away. 

  • Claims aggregation across vendors

  • Comprehensive plan reporting

  • Contract and guarantee validation

  • Turnkey management and engagement tools

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Pharmacy + Technology

PCM is on the right side of health care.


Our team of benefits experts, licensed pharmacists, and IT professionals work hard to develop pharmacy tools and programs that help brokers better serve their clients and plan sponsors better serve their members. All while saving money.