About Us
About Us
The Challenge
Prescription Care Management (PCM) was created to solve a large, important, and costly problem: To counter the aggressive marketing by Pharmaceutical Manufacturers to physicians and end consumers. These marketing practices have created a dramatic increase in the prescribing of high cost medications. There are benefit companies which claim to offer "utilization management and medication management services" or cost-saving programs but they typically rely on the larger margin drugs and rebates from manufacturers to realize a cost savings. In turn, companies and plan members end up paying more for their prescription costs rather than less. With so many different pieces to the prescription puzzle, the plan member has no way of knowing how much the pharmacy benefit program has paid for the prescription as the costs are not tracked, verified, or audited.
The Solution
Prescription Care Management solves this problem by using state-of-the-art technology to compile prescription alternatives and make recommendations for prescription savings. Our Alternative Prescription System (APS) identifies alternatives which cost less. Using advanced techniques the A.P.S. identifies options under the watchful eye of our Pharmacy team. As a result, PCM can compile prescription alternatives quickly and accurately resulting in cost-savings for both the company and the plan member or employee. Our stand-alone prescription savings program works with every Pharmacy Plan. There is no need to change your existing Plan.
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