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For over ten years, Prescription Care Management has been solving complex pharmacy and medical problems with care, service, and savings.

Our journey started by asking three foundational questions:

1. Do plan sponsors know where their pharmacy and medical dollars are going?
2. Can they accurately interpret their claims data to find out?
3. Do they know how to validate spend?

The answer was ‘no.’

To address this need, PCM’s founders began building proprietary processes and technology to help our clients and colleagues get the information and support they need to make highly informed plan decisions.

Years of growth, perseverance, and dedication have shaped our original program into an interactive support platform that allows brokers and plan sponsors to optimize pharmacy and medical benefits.

Guided by the individual needs of our clients and their participants, our underlying motivation will always remain the same:

How can we help?


It comes down to our technology, team, and industry knowledge. PCM utilizes the latest technology to help businesses scale, facilitating 10x growth while minimizing overhead cost increases. As the industry evolves, our expert team quickly adapts to get advancements into your hands.

We know everything pharmacy from top to bottom. Decades of benefits experience and collaboration with our partners give us the expertise to optimize clinical formularies, participant engagement, and vendor contracts.

Security Certifications

Prescription Care Management is HITRUST CSF certified for our PCM Analytics Portal, Alternative Prescription System, and relationship management platform.

To gain this certification, PCM completed a rigorous self- and third-party assessment to measure our policies, procedures, and practices against federal and state regulations, standards, and frameworks.

HITRUST CSF certification means our security and compliance programs meet key benchmarks in the security, privacy, and accessibility of sensitive information. Our clients and partners can be confident that PCM is securely storing and transmitting their data with industry-leading end-to-end protection.

Prescription Care Management’s PCM Analytics Portal, Alternative Prescription System, and relationship management platform are compliant with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

NIST Cybersecurity Framework certification means that our risk management and cybersecurity programs provide at least the industry-standard level of consistency, depth, breadth, and rigor. Our standards, policies, and practices keep our client and partner data secure across our organization and when transmitting data to other organizations.

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