If You are Tired of Constantly Second Guessing Your PBM, You Need an Rx for Prescription Care Management!

The economic uncertainty has affected the healthcare industry adversely. Costs are rising rapidly and as drug research gets more expensive so does the cost of drugs. Companies and organizations offering healthcare benefits to employees are constantly seeking ways to control rising drug costs. One method often used is to promote the use of pharmaceutical equivalents based solely on patient requirements.

Taking this cause a step further is Prescription Care Management. PCM has introduced an Alternative Prescription System (A.P.S.) which is used in conjunction with a company’s existing Pharmacy Benefit program.

This is an innovative new twist to utilization management. The Alternative Prescription System (A.P.S.) is a substitute prescription database that enables automatic communications with doctors. The system helps doctors choose more cost-effective alternatives for medications but the final decisions about care choices remains with the member.

Prescription Care Management can be utilized alongside any existing pharmacy plan to improve and expand savings. PCM has expert pharmacists working with them to help evaluate the appropriateness of the required medication. Each decision is based on a thorough analysis and A.P.S recommendations are reviewed by multiple channels before reaching the doctor and member.

In the last decade or so, healthcare costs have risen significantly and managing medications, doing chart reviews, studying contra-indications, etc. has become a high priority. Many big companies using PBM’s are doing these things while trying to ensure regular savings, but they are not always successful. Most mid to small sized companies cannot afford to do it; even though they also are in need of savings.

PCM’s A.P.S. has arrived at the right time to help counter these issues. PCM has partnered with numerous brokers, agents and coalitions across the country to bring Pharmacy and Prescription cost savings to their members. This unexpectedly efficient prescription system has another surprise. PCM guarantees our fee 100%. Therefore, if a company isn’t saving while utilizing the A.P.S., they aren’t paying either.

PCM is promising better benefits and best of all, at no extra cost. PCM is not a PBM, it’s something even better. Not only does their A.P.S. save money by suggesting affordable alternatives but it also understands individual needs of patients and companies and doesn’t just deliver blanket solutions across the client base.

PCM has introduced Alternative Prescription System or A.P.S that can be used along with an existing Pharmacy Plan to deliver prescription savings. The system provides substitutes to prescribed drugs that are more economical and just as effective.
About Prescription Care Management:

Prescription Care Management is a leading independent provider of prescription management services working with self-funded groups, coalitions and MCO’s in a variety of verticals. PCM provides an additional layer of prescription savings through the “Alternative Prescription System” (A.P.S.). Their ability to identify potential efficiencies and cost-saving opportunities while providing savings to clients is their key to success. A.P.S. identifies prescription alternatives and makes the most cost-effective choice based on clinical effectiveness and overall cost to the patient and the plan. The PCM business model also provides full disclosure and transparency assisting companies in managing their PBM.

Prescription Care Management and their proprietary Alternative Prescription System (A.P.S.) has managed millions of lives and saved companies and plan members millions of dollars. With proven results, high capacity systems technology and a dedicated team – you will not find a better prescription savings program.

Published: July 6, 2018