Prescription Savings For Mid Sized Companies: It Is Possible With Prescription Care Management

Prescription Care Management Introduces A New Tool That Promises To Deliver Healthcare Benefits To Employees While Providing Savings To Employers!

Prescription drugs may be a small part of healthcare, but drugs take a very large slice of typical healthcare spending. Since the mid 1980s, employers have been looking for affordable drug cost plans that are also effective.

For years now, Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) programs have touted helping companies deal with the excessive costs of drugs. However, the current economic environment is asking for a more modern and robust solution to the threat that expensive healthcare poses to businesses.

Prescription Care Management (PCM) is a company committed to providing effective and balanced solutions to help maximize costs savings while working with a current Pharmacy Program. Their newest venture is the Alternative Prescription System or A.P.S that works with an existing plan to increase pharmacy savings.

The A.P.S can be considered revolutionary because it is the first system ever to be used in tandem with an existing PBM or Pharmacy Plan; Prescription Care Management has a network of clinical physicians and pharmacists to make sure the suggestions of the A.P.S are in line with the needs of patient. The system can also help create reports and detailed plans for future spending by showcasing the most used drugs or their generic and brand name alternatives. But the price of a drug isn’t the only factor that is taken under consideration. This commitment to efficiency and superior service is what leads to balance in a company’s pharmacy costs and the patients’ quality of care.

Prescription Care Management understands that all our customers are unique and so their drug requirements may be different as well; when suggesting alternative drug therapies we keep each individual person in mind. That’s why a decision is finalized only when the patient’s own doctor has been conferred with. PCM believes that education is the first step towards empowerment, which is why patients and doctors are aware of what decisions are being taken regarding their drugs and why.

After all, pharmacy benefits are only a part of the healthcare benefits provided by a company; but for employees it is an integral part of their overall medical and financial well-being. Healthcare providers also have a stake in all this, because it is through their field that the reduced costs and improved care is delivered.

Better and bigger pharmacy cost-savings can only be achieved when members are encouraged to be their own advocates. With Prescription Care Management, it simply becomes easier for companies to assess the cost effectiveness of their Pharmacy plans and find the best treatments at the best price to ensure overall employee health and morale.


Prescription Care Management provides an innovative, no-risk service which allows businesses to significantly reduce their prescription costs. Prescription Care Management is NOT a PBM. The Alternative Prescription System (A.P.S.) by PCM is all about providing companies with savings. It can be used with an existing PBM plan and helps find alternatives to prescribed drugs that are low-priced and just as effective.

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